Freezing Pipe on Commercial Boiler

As we head into winter, temperatures will start to plummet. It is imperative that businesses are aware of the impact freezing temperatures can have on their commercial boilers. 

A failed commercial boiler at any time of the year can be a nightmare. However, if a commercial boiler breaks down in the winter it can have disastrous consequences. It can result in residents, including those in care homes, being left without heating and hot water for long periods of time. It can also cause downtime for your business whilst you arrange repairs. The issues caused can be incredibly disruptive and stressful and can have a huge impact on your businesses finances.

At Rapid Energy, we know how important a fully operational boiler is to a business. We provide a range of temporary boiler solutions, suitable for businesses across a variety of sectors. We offer a 24 hour emergency service, meaning we can have you up and running again quickly, should you experience a boiler failure.

How does freezing cold weather conditions affect a boiler?

Freezing cold temperatures can cause water pipes to and from your commercial boiler to freeze. This can cause the pipes to expand, putting pressure on both metal and plastic pipework. This can result in burst or leaking pipes, causing the whole system to fail.

Condensate pipe freezing is a common fault with any condensing boiler (domestic or commercial). To help prevent this from happening, simply lagging your condensate line (especially in external areas) will help mitigate this problem.

If the fuel pipes are exposed to freezing conditions it can affect the consistency of the fuel, resulting in it not flowing properly, causing issues within the boiler and permanent damage to the pump. Effectively, some fuels begin to form into a jelly like substance between -6° and -18°.

Very old boilers or those with existing issues may struggle to make it through the winter. Issues such as these can also increase the cost of running them if they are not efficient.

What precautions can businesses take?

Boiler Service – It is a good idea to have the boiler serviced before the winter months. This will ensure you are made aware of any existing problems, especially those which could be negatively impacted by the cold weather. Arranging a service in advance of winter, will give you time to arrange for any repairs to be carried out.

Check insulation on  water pipes and fuel lines – ensure all water pipes and fuel lines are correctly heated and insulated.

If your commercial boiler is not being used throughout the winter months, we would recommend leaving all system pumps running and switching the boiler into frost protection mode. Or you can set your thermostat to its minimum setting (5° frost protection setting).

What should I do if I experience a boiler failure?

If you experience a boiler failure, you will need to implement a temporary heating solution whilst repairs are being made or a new boiler is being arranged.

Rapid Energy provides temporary boiler solutions for many industrial sectors. These include facilities management companies, housing associations and district heating and energy centres.

We offer a full turnkey hire solution, starting with a site survey through to the commissioning of a temporary boiler. Our newly built boilers have been constructed using industry renowned components and technology.

Our team of experienced and reliable engineers and project managers will ensure the switch runs as smoothly as possible.

Details of our temporary boiler fleet can be found here.

Plan for the worst with a disaster recovery plan

In order to be one step ahead, Rapid Energy provides a range of affordable disaster recovery plans.

Whilst we offer a rapid emergency boiler hire service, during the busy winter months it is not always possible to guarantee the boiler you require will be available.

With our disaster recovery plan we can guarantee the boiler you require is reserved. It will be ready to be dispatched, installed and commissioned when it is needed. This will give you peace of mind that should the worst happen and your boiler fails, you can be up and running again with minimal downtime.

We have three different disaster recovery plans available which can be viewed here.

If you would like to discuss implementing a disaster recovery plan with Rapid Energy, call our team today on 0800 464 7025.

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