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REFCOM F-GAS certified, experienced and skilled engineers, brand new equipment and a 5 star, verified customer service. You can trust the team at Rapid Energy to deliver a consistent, reliable chiller hire service. 

Our modern, efficient industrial chillers have been designed specifically for the hire industry and are perfect for both process and comfort cooling applications. If you’re unsure of which chiller is suitable for your application, a member of our team can support and consult you on identifying the appropriate chiller and cooling solution.

We offer our clients a complete full turnkey hire solution, from surveying through to commissioning a temporary chiller. Our team will effectively be an extension of your team throughout the duration of the project.

Typical industry sectors and applications include: Contingency and Emergency Requirements, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, HVAC and Building Services, Process Cooling, Low Temperature Requirements, Food & Beverage Sectors and many more. 

We support and deliver nationwide in England, Scotland and Wales. We also operate a 24/7 service to support our clients throughout the duration of a hire.

Browse our packaged chiller range below or contact a member of our team for a Free No Obligation Estimate. Hire with confidence. Call us today on 0800 464 7025 or request a call back by completing the short form below.

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Chiller Capacity Range

Browse our range of chillers by capacity. We stock a wide range of chiller capacities to fulfil temporary cooling requirements. Our smallest capacity packaged chiller plant starts at 4kW, rising to the largest packaged chiller within our fleet, the 760kW.

Chiller hire process

Planned Chiller Hire
Planned Chiller Hire

Are you working on a project that requires chillers? Arrange your free, comprehensive site survey and estimate today.

Emergency Chiller Hire
Emergency Chiller Hire

Do you need urgent chiller requirements to your building? We can be onsite within hours of receiving your call.

Call today for Emergency Chiller Hire 0800 464 7025

Available 24/7

Plate Exchangers

Do you require a plate exchanger as part of your chiller hire? We can provide you with the right plate exchanger solution to support you with your cooling requirements.

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Heat exchanger
Air Handling Unit (AHU) used with Chiller

Air Handling Units (AHU)

Do you require a AHU with you packaged chiller hire, or do you simply need to hire a AHU in isolation? We stock a variety of AHUs that can be hired to support your cooling requirements.

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This depends on a number of variables, including location of where you require the chiller and how quickly a quote can be approved. We have delivered and commissioned a chiller within 24 hours of a quote being signed.

We deliver portable chillers nationwide, including all major cities in England: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff and many more.

Yes, the minimum hire period is 1 week.

Yes. If required, we will provide traffic management as part of the hire installation and commissioning. A member of our team will confirm this during the site survey and risk assessment method statement creation.

Yes. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers that can carry out enabling works, ensuring your project is prepared for a temporary installation.

Yes. Our industrial chiller units have been designed specifically to meet the needs of low temperature applications such as: Food processing, Aerospace, Automotive, Product Testing, Ice Rinks and many more. View the specifications of each chiller to learn more about each unit's low temperature capabilities.

Yes. Rapid Energy is F-Gas certified with REFCOM.

A low Global Warming Potential (GWP) chiller refers to a type of cooling system that uses refrigerants with significantly lower GWP compared to traditional refrigerants like hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). GWP is a measure of the greenhouse gas potential of a substance relative to carbon dioxide (CO2), which has a GWP of 1.

To mitigate the environmental impact of refrigerants, especially those with high GWP, many industries and manufacturers are transitioning towards low GWP alternatives.

It's important to note that the choice of a low GWP chiller depends on various factors, including the specific cooling requirements, application, safety considerations, and regulations in a particular region. Consulting with HVAC professionals or chiller manufacturers can provide more specific guidance on selecting the most suitable low GWP chiller for a given situation.

An air-cooled chiller is a type of cooling system used to remove heat from a process or space by utilising ambient air as the cooling medium. It is commonly employed in commercial and industrial applications where water availability or cost prohibits the use of water-cooled chillers.

The basic principle behind an air-cooled chiller involves the circulation of a refrigerant through a closed loop system. The chiller unit consists of various components such as compressors, condensers, expansion valves, and evaporators. These components work together to transfer heat from the process or space to be cooled to the surrounding air.

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