BMS Technology

Each packaged boiler that’s built by Rapid Energy comes equipped with two-way remote monitoring and management technology. This technology plays an important role in delivering efficiencies with managing fuel that’s required and monitoring the performance of each boiler. For our client’s, this creates a cost saving, eliminating the necessity for an engineer to attend site for various tasks.

We use EasyIO (Johnson Controls) BMS technology, which in our opinion, is best in class on the market today.

Fuel Management Service
Reduce Costs
Reduces costs

Reduces costs to customer (no need for our engineers to attend site)

Saves Time
Reduces risk

Reduces risk of the boiler running out of fuel

Saves Time
Saves time

Saves valuable time for the customer

How it works

Remote boiler management and monitoring

Easy I/O provides the following:

  • Heating temperature monitoring; this will confirm that the required temperature is being achieved and maintained efficiently.
  • Heating temperature adjustment; this function will allow us to slowly increase or decrease temperature that may be required to minimise heat shock to temperature sensitive systems.
  • Heating High and Low temperature monitoring/alarm; this will alert our teams that there could be a potential issue on site or within the boiler.
  • Heating High and Low pressure monitoring/alarm; this will alert our teams and engineers that there could be a potential issue on site or within the boiler.
  • Burner fault alarm and remote restart; this will alert our teams and engineers if there is a fault with the burner and provides us with the ability to remotely restart the burners if required.
  • Boiler timer function; This allows the boiler to be turned on and off as required at certain times and/or days.

Remote fuel management and monitoring

EasyIO provides the following:

  • Fuel level monitoring/alarm; This allows us to monitor fuel levels and will alert teams when fuel is low. This will also help by predicting usage and fuel delivery.
  • Automatic delivery of fuel; This automatically sends a message to our fuel supplier alerting them when fuel is required.
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Emergency Boiler Hire

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