Temporary Boiler Hire

Our fleet of temporary boilers boast impressive energy efficiencies and reliability. Combined with experienced, accredited and certified engineers, delivering a reliable, excellent service comes as standard with every hire we undertake.

We offer our clients a complete full turnkey hire solution, from surveying through to commissioning a temporary boiler. Our team of engineers and project managers will become an extension of your team and project. And because our packaged boilers come equipped with BMS, we’re able to have complete visibility and controllability of each boiler on hire. Fuel Management is also a service provided to clients that hire a packaged boiler from Rapid Energy.

Our team provides industry leading response times too. In an emergency, we can specify, deliver and commission a temporary boiler within 24 hours of receiving your call. Rapid Energy operates nationwide, 24/7.

Plate heat exchangers and calorifiers can be supplied for temporary hot water requirements. We can also supply and utilise FDA approved hoses.

Packaged boilers are available to hire on Gas, Gasoil and a sustainable fuel option called Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). We also offer a range of temporary electric boilers which are trolley mounted, making them easy to manoeuvre and position (see full range below).

For more information, or to discuss your project’s requirements, request a call back or call us today on 0800 464 7025.

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Boiler Capacity Range

Browse our range of boilers by capacity. We stock a wide range of boiler capacities to fulfil temporary heating and hot water requirements. Our smallest capacity packaged boiler plant starts at 150kW, rising to the largest packaged boiler within our fleet, the 2000kW (2MW).

Our smaller packaged boilers (150kW and 300kW) use a single phase 16a connection. Larger capacity packaged boilers utilise a three phase 32a connection.

We also stock an impressive capacity range of mobile electric boilers that can provide temporary heating for your project. Electric boiler capacities start with the single phase 15kW boiler, rising to the 40kW electric boiler which uses a three phase connection. Our electric boilers can be modularised to meet a higher capacity, if required.

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Packaged Boiler Hire Process

Planned Boiler Hire
Temporary Boiler Hire

Are you working on a project that requires a temporary boiler? Arrange your free, comprehensive site survey and estimate today.

Emergency Boiler Hire
Emergency Boiler Hire

Do you need urgent heating and/or hot water for your building or facility? We can be onsite within hours of receiving your call.

Call today for Emergency Boiler Hire 0800 464 7025

Available 24/7

Integrated BMS

Our packaged boilers come equipped with integrated BMS. This gives our HQ and engineers complete visibility and controllability on any boiler plant room whilst on hire. This is a 24/7 support service, which reduces costs, increases efficiency and delivers complete peace of mind for our clients.

You can learn more about our BMS functionality and alerts by clicking on the learn more button below. 

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BMS in Temporary Boiler

Fuel options

At Rapid Energy, we offer our clients 3 different fuel options on our packaged boilers: Oil, Gas and a sustainable fuel option called Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

We’re constantly exploring and testing different sustainable fuel options available on the market.

This is to support our long term vision and objective: Reduce our carbon footprint and achieve net-zero carbon.

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This depends on a number of variables, including location of where you require the boiler, the fuel type, how quickly a quote can be approved. We have delivered and commissioned a boiler within 24 hours of a quote being signed.

The boiler spec e.g. 500kW packaged boiler, the fuel type, delivery address, billing address, basic contact details, hire period, desired delivery date, flow and return length and other technical information.

Yes, we’re fully accredited and insured. We have OFTEC approved engineers and we’re also GasSafe accredited.

Yes, we offer a long term rental solution for all of our packaged boilers. Speak to a member of our team today or visit the long term rental page here.

Yes. We have the capability of designing and building a boiler to your specification.

Yes, we have a 1 week minimum hire period across our entire fleet of boilers.


Yes, our boilers can provide both heating and water to a building.

Yes. 100% of the rental on HVAC equipment is allowable against corporation tax.

Yes, we have 7 different storage locations strategically placed to supply across the UK within a short timescale.

Yes, we provide detailed contingency plans to mitigate potential downtime to your business- contact 0800 464 7025 for further information.

Yes, we will always recommend a site survey to be completed to ensure the correct hire solution is provided.

Yes, you can hire plate heat exchangers in isolation or as part of your packaged boiler hire. Capacity range starts from 100kW and rises to 1.3MW.

Yes, we hire Calorifiers in isolation or as part of a temporary boiler hire. We have a 1000L and 2000L option. If you're interested in hiring a Calorifier, get in touch with a member of our team for lead times and costs.

Yes, our temporary boilers can be modularised to provide a higher capacity.

Our electric mobile boilers are already trolley mounted so they can easily be moved into position. Our Slimline Condensing Gas Boilers can be pallet trucked into position. They are highly utilised in urban settings where space is at a premium.

Yes. If required, we will provide traffic management as part of the hire installation and commissioning. A member of our team will confirm this during the site survey and risk assessment method statement creation.

Yes. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers that can carry out enabling works, ensuring your project is prepared for a temporary installation.

Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) and Medium Temperature Hot Water (MTHW) packaged boilers are two distinct systems designed for different temperature requirements in heating applications. Here's a breakdown of their key differences:

  1. Temperature Range:
    • LTHW (Low Temperature Hot Water): LTHW boilers are designed to operate at lower temperatures typically ranging from 140°F (60°C) to 200°F (93°C). They are suitable for applications where moderate heat is required, such as space heating in residential buildings, schools, and offices.
    • MTHW (Medium Temperature Hot Water): MTHW boilers, on the other hand, are engineered to handle higher temperature ranges, usually between 200°F (93°C) and 250°F (121°C). These boilers are ideal for industrial processes, larger commercial spaces, and applications that demand higher temperatures.
  2. Applications:
    • LTHW: Common applications for LTHW boilers include space heating, radiant floor heating, and other scenarios where lower temperature hot water is sufficient.
    • MTHW: MTHW boilers are employed in industrial processes, such as manufacturing, chemical processing, and facilities with higher temperature requirements for specific applications.
  3. System Design:
    • LTHW: LTHW systems often feature components designed to handle lower temperatures, including pumps, valves, and heat exchangers optimized for the specified temperature range.
    • MTHW: MTHW systems are designed with components that can withstand higher temperatures and are engineered to efficiently transfer heat at elevated levels.
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