Winter in London

It’s not an understatement when I say that we’re living in precarious times. The war in Ukraine has drastically impacted the financial markets which in turn has resulted in a cost of living crisis, not just in the UK but across the world.

Supply chains have been hit hard globally, not just because of the war in Ukraine but also due to the hangover from the Covid pandemic. Key components have been difficult to procure and the price of materials have also increased, placing pressure on assembling critical assets like boiler plant rooms. 

We’ve noticed that the demand for temporary boilers has increased substantially. Companies situated in countries across Europe have frantically been searching for temporary boilers to hire. Gas rationing and interruption of supply has most likely been the primary drivers of demand. We’ve received an influx of inquiries from France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia over the past months and we believe this will only increase further as we head further into the colder months.

So what does this all mean for the UK? Put simply, we envisage a shortage of temporary boilers. Demand from overseas will see UK based assets being exported overseas. Coupled with the rising costs of materials and supply chain issues which will affect build programs, these are strong indicators of a difficult time ahead in the UK.

There’s also the cost of gas and electricity for businesses to contend with. Unlike the consumer energy market in the UK, businesses have to contend with commercial gas and electricity prices being uncapped. This is a scary thought if you run a business that relies heavily on gas and electricity to produce or manufacture products. 

What to do if you’re responsible for a facility’s boiler

The key is to plan ahead with a contingency plan. Engage with a reputable boiler hire company sooner rather than later. The worst position to be in is experiencing complete boiler failure with no backup option. You can roll the dice and rely on their being temporary boilers available, but for reasons already cited, this will be a huge risk, particularly in our current climate.

Securing a contingency plan with a boiler hire company like us will guarantee the required backup equipment is available. This in turn will provide peace of mind in very uncertain times.

There could also be an energy cost saving with hiring a temporary boiler on oil instead of gas. At Rapid Energy, we also offer a more sustainable alternative fuel product called HVO, which can help reduce carbon emissions. You can learn more about HVO here.

To secure a contingency plan, speak to a member of our team on 0800 464 7025.

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